Women On Purpose

Are you looking for the time and the place

and the holding of space where its safe to let go?

Of the pace and the chase of the race,

flow with ease and with grace as we nurture our soul

Take off the mask heal the wounds of the past,

we can cry we can laugh we can cultivate dreams

Open doors, of the roots and cause,

release pain and explore what our life really means

Women on purpose did you hear what I say?

The world is waiting there’s no time to play

Our children need us we cant wait another day.

Come on get ready now is time to slay

Women on purpose can you hear me calling?

I hear the fire in your belly its roaring

Cannot be silenced there’s point ignoring.

Join me in bringing in a next new dawning

© Oneness Sankara 2019

Women On Purpose is an online space that has been created to raise our vibration and align us with all that is purpose!

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