From performance poet to Purpose Poet pt 2


From performance poet to Purpose Poet pt 2


The energy exchanges were out of balance.

Off kilter.

Giving and receiving without boundaries or filter…

can deplete her.

Is it bold of me to say that the energy exchanges weren’t right? Only those involved truly know. What I write is simply my observation and perception of what was taking place. Based on what I felt, how I read the energy and what others would share with me in those one to one moments. Perhaps it was my definition of a poet that needed expansion. Perhaps we were always meant to heal!

“poetry is part of me”

See, in the last few years my focus has been more on writing and healing and less on me as the performer. I’ve been asked if I will perform poetry again. The truth is that poetry is part of me. An important part of me that I honour. I honour my poetry by using it to catalyse change and owning that choice. That calling. I didn’t always do this in the past and that’s ok. And now I work with the gift of poetry to initiate and hold space for deep transformation and healing.

“I am a Purpose Poet”

I am a Purpose Poet. A poet who uses poetry to awaken the greatness that lays trapped beneath grief, fear, doubt, unhelpful patterning and lack of direction!

I use Purpose Poetry to call and invite my tribe to come and journey with me

Journey with me and let go

Live beyond the status quo

Embody what you have come to this planet to do

Bask in your glorious truth…

I see you. The real you; the true you

I see the you before you were told no

Before you were first told not to grow

Not to stand out

I see the you; the best in you

I see what you are all about

I see that you have a deep rooted calling

Something roaring in your soul

Which you may have felt the need to control

And I see that you know

But how far are you prepared to go

To be the you – that you know you have power to be

What are you prepared to release?

To find the gifts that lay within your inner peace

For you are gold and I can help your story unfold

So you may live your dreams, your joy, your purpose. your light

Shine like a #boss and embrace your birth-rite


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