Where Sista’s Gather? Tell me more…


Where Sista’s Gather? Tell me more…

I paused and answered “Yes. Yes it is.(Ashe)

I give thanks and praise as I type, for I am going through some amazing life changes at the moment. Over the past week or so I have had some lovely ladies reach out to me. Mainly to send me love and blessings for the my next step of life; and ask me specific questions about Sunday’s coming workshop.

I love you sista’s. I thank you sista’s. It means a lot. During one of these conversations a beautiful sista asked “Is that why you are sharing this workshop?” I paused and answered “Yes. Yes it is.(Ashe)” So let me rewind to where we were before this lightbulb moment.

I won’t go verbatim – but the gist of my sentiments centred around the expansive nature of our human potential. Each of us carrying our own unique strengths, gifts and power.

Having had the opportunity to see a glimpse of the amazing power of womanhood; I am excited by what happens when we come together as sista’s in peace and power. It’s like when we fully sit in and own our power we activate that same power in others.

In this age that we live in- Unity consciousness is often pushed aside in favour of the individualism that comes as a by-product of corporatocracy. However, we are waking from our slumber!

I feel that our lives are calling for something different. Our children are calling for something different. The planet is calling for something different; and thus it’s important to have space to heal, grow and let go in order to do something different.

I think that it’s somewhere around this point when the beautiful sista asked “Is that why you are sharing this workshop?” I paused and answered “Yes. Yes it is.(Ashe)

So what is Where Sista’s Gather Transformational Workshop?

It is a space where we:

  • Find the power in our own stories
  • Heighten our intuitive intelligence
  • Connect with the divine feminine
  • And so much more…

So I invite you to carve out some ‘she-time’ and join us in a beautiful central London location this Sunday 9th July 2017

Click HERE to book your space now

Have a beautiful week and enjoy this wee poem

Where Sista’s Gather… Transformation is sparked

Where Sista’s Gather… We live from the heart

Where Sista’s Gather… We honour Ma’at


Where Sista’s Gather… Gives birth to bountiful things

Where Sista’s Gather… Such joy does it bring

Where Sista’s Gather… Ancestors sing


Where Sista’s Gather… Borders dissolve

Where Sista’s Gather… Problems are solved

Where Sista’s Gather… Nations Evolve


©Oneness Sankara 2017

See you this Sunday x

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