To Blog or Not To Blog?


To Blog or Not To Blog?


Why Blog? Why now? Why me?

Since the beginning of my online life I’d only ever written one Blog post. Fortunately for you it is buried deep in the dusty archives of the internet. Now, as I flirt with my forties I have a lot more to say and my voice feels different. The same voice but something different is happening. An inner voice is emerging.To the point where the veil is lifting; leaving very little distinction between my inner and outer.

What does that mean?

It means that I have things worth sharing. It means that I value my own opinion. It means that I am interested in having a space for those who resonate with this vibration.

I believe that words are powerful. Thus, I honour the power of the word. Yet the question is still why blog? Why not a book or a play or…? Well as a writer those things are still happening and I truly love that fact but I want to share in a different way. Facety Book used to satisfy this for me. Now in true word power fashion it has lived up to its name. And for me it no longer feels like the safest space to explore ideas.

Not to diss the Zuckster as FB has its place; I simply crave something else too. A space where the rules are different. Where readers can leave, stay, chill, breathe and go with their vibe. If a reader wants to comment, with all respect comment. If s/he wants to be a voyeur? Then thats cool too. As long as you dont bring me any CAPITAL LETTER BEEF it all good.

My point? I’m Blogging. I’m starting now. Cos I am me!

Oh yeah! And I also like to share meditative contemplations. Do get involved. If you like 😉


Thank you universe for honouring our lives with the gift of the word

I thank you for creating a channel for us to bring things from the darkness into the light

From energy to matter

From the perceived into flesh

I thank you for its power to manifest.

I thank you for teaching me its power and glory

And I ask for your continued support to use it wisely for the highest and best for all

Ashe Ashe Ashe

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