How To Stage The Perfect Break Up: Meet Patricia Part 4


How To Stage The Perfect Break Up: Meet Patricia Part 4

How To Stage The Perfect Break Up: Meet Patricia Part IV

(Hey Love. Wait a minute. Have you read Part 1  Part 2 or part 3? Travel back & read them here x)

“One more time”

Patricia just sits there. Staring at Keston’s whatsapp message whilst a full scale conference is taking place in her head. One voice says “leave his arse outside and read your book! He said he weren’t coming” another voice says “you know you wanna let him in. One more time won’t hurt”. Another voice shrieks “omg omg! Have you forgot that you smell like a flooded winery and look like a city scarecrow” “it doesn’t matter. She’s not gonna let him in “yes she is. She has to do the break-up” “whatever! She never does the break up. Only make up” “she needs some make up!” all the voices begin to laugh “Shut the hell up!” she squarks… out loud… to the voices in her head whilst questioning her sanity and whether she should give up drinking.

“beautiful brown eyes”

Her phone buzzes again. She darts over to the sink, drinks some water and splashes some on her face. She makes a feeble attempt to fix her appearance whilst making her way to the front door. She opens the door and see’s Keston with his broad shoulders and beautiful brown eyes. Her temperature is rising. Her heart begins to melt. She takes a deep breath and shuts the door. In Keston’s face.

“She just couldn’t do it”

After a brief moment of silence Keston bangs on the door. Patricia goes back to the sofa, picks up the sunset coloured paperback and continues her reading. The voice in her head was right. If she let him in- she wouldn’t break up with him- it would simply be the passionate beginning of another three years. She just couldn’t do it. To herself or to him. Now to say Keston was confused is an understatement. He tried to reason with her through the door, phone her phone and even cuss her back into normality! Eventually he came to the conclusion that she had lost her mind and left.

“prequels to beginnings”

This was most definitely not what she planned. But it felt like the right thing to do. She had to break the cycle by any means necessary. Now what? What’s next? She reads out loud.


“Sometimes we are in so much illusion

That we do not even know what we want

And in the midst of all the confusion

Our frustrations get pushed to the front

and we discover what we don’t want

That is ok. It’s a good place to start

taking things apart

Knowing that endings are simply prequels to beginnings

That perceived failure is the is just the prologue to a chapter on winning

A chapter on peeling off the unnecessary & getting to know who you really are

Meeting the true you. Getting a chance to meet/”


She stops reading and closes the book. Then says allowed “Patricia! I get to meet Patricia!

She smiles, stretches out on the sofa and closes her eyes. “I get to meet Patricia




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