Oneness Sankara – The Purpose Poet

As far back as I can remember I have been a lover with words

From nursery rhymes to sonnets, the syntactical twists and turns

I would act them, I would write them I would rap them I would sing

The more I learnt about the word the more it made me think

As an award winning international poet and writer I have used my skills to help numerous clients* express their truth and enhance their messaging. With corporate clients the assignments have ranged from motivational poetic speeches to assisting staff with affective communication. My work with private clients centres more around how we speak to ourselves, using language for empowerment, finding purpose and trans-generational repair.

With a strong background in theatre, music, education and energy healing; I discovered that words have the power to transform lives and change the world. It is my deepest desire to experience a world where all know our worthiness and unlock our superpowers for the highest and best of all.

Purpose Poetry Services

Activation Affirmations

Do you have something that you really want to shift

You’ve tried everything but there still is that glitch

Repeating old cycles again & again

Complete misalignment between heart and brain

Activation Affirmations will assist you in waking up your own innate wisdom to bring you over lifes thresholds with grace and ease. Leading you into the growth and positive transformation that you desire.

Soulful Speaking

Do you have a crucial message and you want to make sure its heard

A message that can transform lives or even change the world

You need your audience inspired, to move in the right direction

Then you may need some Purpose Poetry to lead you to that perfection

Use the power of Soulful Speaking to captivate and communicate in a way that holds audiences on the edge of their seats. Allowing them to receive wisdom and healing that will change their lives forever.

*Previous clients include: