For those who want to channel their energy into grounded purposeful action and achieve freedom from overwhelm

Are you an empathic sensitive soul that would like to strengthen, direct and look after your energy?

Would you like to keep you frequency high and protected from sensory overload?

Would you like to learn healing meditation practices to keep you nourished, healthy and not feeling a flipping sponge?

Come and spend an hour to centre yourself and regain calm and clarity in your being.

The world is changing. Like you, I have heard the plethora of theories as to what’s happening, why it’s happening and what will happen next. The truth is that we don’t exactly know.

I don’t exactly know. What I do know is that it IS changing. With all of this uncertainty, hysteria, fear and isolation it is all the more important to be grounded and connected to your core. Your true self and the divine – what ever that means to you. All you can be certain of is you. Nothing else.

Not the supermarkets, not when the schools will re-open and not the day that this will all be over. If all you have is you. Let’s keep YOU in alignment. Let’s get your internal world in a state of peace and calm so whatever comes around the corner you can see clearly and be guided by your inner wisdom.

Fear, doubt, worry are low vibe. Low vibes weakens the immune system and increases anxiety. None of which we want or need in these times. What we do need however, is to feel centred and be at peace. Allowing us to be resilient. Allowing us to cope.

Raise Your Vibration – Online Meditation Circle will support you in that agenda through creativity and positivity. Giving you tools to open you into receiving all that you will need to get you through now and beyond.

In this time of social distance, are you ready to connect inner peace and get the coping skills that you need right now?


Come and join us on

Thursday 23rd April 2020 3pm (BST/GMT+1) & 10am (EST)

Investment £11.11


My name is Oneness Sankara.

I am a healer, artist and mentor with over 20 years of facilitation and transformational energy work experience.

I am here as your sister in service,

appointed guide for this meditation

To support, to assist, to guide, to teach

through love and dedication

As we step into a brand new age

with full details unbeknown

Let us be equipped with all that we need

to be at peace – whatever unfolds

So I invite you to join me

releasing what troubles your heart

and find your truth in all situations

And this is where you can start