Pattie-Pie: Meet Patricia Part 3


Pattie-Pie: Meet Patricia Part 3

Pattie-Pie: Meet Patricia Part 3

(Hold up. Wait a minute. Have you read Part 1 & Part 2? Read them here)

Patricia is frantically multi-tasking preparing for tonight’s course of action. It all has to be right. A break up is a complex, multifaceted procedure that must be executed with precision. See she’s tried this before. Several times in fact. But she is serious this time. She must end this 3 year one night stand. Enough is enough.

The children are asleep. And she looks fabulous. Casually fabulous. She has to leave Keston with a good last mental picture for him to recall when he someday realises that he lost the best thing that ever happened to him! Right? Well that’s what Patricia is thinking as she tells Alexa to play her “Who runs the world” playlist.

“I’m Every Woman”

As ‘I’m Every Woman’ begins to play she realises that she could do with a little more support. Whilst making her way over to wine rack her phone rings. “Hi Keston” she listens. He heart sinks as he explains that ‘a lickle sumpting’ has come up and “true you dont want me to come late and buck upon da pickney dem again best we leave it till next time Patty-Pie”. Her heart pounds. She asks him how late is late? He’s vague. Clearly tonight is not going to work. “But it must work” she tells herself. “I’ve got it all planned out. Tonight I tell him and tomorrow I’m a new woman. I was supposed to become a new woman!” She barks Alexa to change to her “cry me a river” playlist and she makes her way over to the wine rack.

“Self love”

Life can be like that. Moments when you think that you are running the show-things take unexpected turns. Sometimes like Patricia we try with all our might to hold on to what we ‘think’ should take place and miss the gifts that are actually being presented. Her truth is that if her relationship with Keston is really over then its over! She doesn’t need a big song and dance with him for her to be ‘a new woman’. She has to look inside. Look in the mirror, embrace who she already is and ask herself who she now wants to be. Keston or no Keston she has to look inside and engage in some self love.

“wine infused teardrops”

An old friend of Patricia’s once gave her a book. Over they years she’s read a few pages of it here and there. The book always gave her comfort; but she never gave herself time to complete it. For some reason as she lay on the sofa -drenched in wine infused teardrops- she felt as though the book was calling her. She staggers to the shelf and grabs the sunset coloured paper back and randomly opens and reads

“Listen to your heart

Allow yourself to let go

Listen to your heart

Surrender and you can grow

Listen to your heart

The universe is willing for you to succeed

Listen to your heart

Inside you have everything that you need”

She closes her eyes, she listens and she hears her heart speak. Her concentration is disrupted by the ‘buzz buzz’ of her handset. A message. It reads ‘Patty-Pie. I finishd up early. Com open the door am outside’


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