I woke up at 4am one morning as I often do having been gifted with an idea. Something magical happens between 4 and 6am but this will be the subject of another post. So as I was saying a few months back I just had 2020 Vision in my head. I had planned to give some sort of offering to the online community as online had been giving to me over the past year and beyond.

“2020 + VISION = 20/20 Vision! Genius…”


I guess with so much travel and change of circumstance the internet in a weird way has been a constant for me. Allowing you to still connect despite you physical location. Anyway back to 2020 Vision. I thought my mind was so cute… poetically clever. Next year is 2020 and we wanna make it (as with every year) the best one to date so we have to vision. 2020 + VISION = 20/20 Vision! Genius…

“I flipped it on it’s head”

After using my yoga stretches to pat myself on the back I realised that I was not the only genius in town and that even our very own Lady Oprah has that 2020 Vision. So much so that she had infact made this concept into a whole tour lol. Still I was not discouraged. I flipped it on it’s head and thought it must be a good idea if others are also accessing it in the ether! Thus I continued to delve into the idea of 2020 vision.

And the idea of perfect sight only to learn that it didn’t necessarily mean that you had perfect sight but was more about your ability to focus with clarity and sharpness at a certain distance (20ft).

Light bulb moment or what? Not with me? Ok cool! I was excited to learn that the measure of great vision was not simply about what’s directly in front of you but your ability to see ahead. See the future!!!


OMG!!! Brappp!!! Skidi-kat-kat-boom!!! I like it. Whats the best way to see the future? Create it. Through vision, alignment and action! Vision what you really want, then be brave enough to take aligned action NOW to bring about what you desire! BOOM! I am cute after all. And so are you lol!

So here it is a THE FREE 5 2020 VISION CHALLENGE mini course to bring you into clarity and purpose for 2020. Sign up here and enjoy 2020 Vision




p.s Before you ask… of course there purpose poetry… Here’s some to wet your appetite 😉

Open your mind and let your potential flow

What is available next decade? Only you know

Answers are etched within if only you had time to see

Vision your tomorrow and all that are destined to be

Join me for 2020 Vision Challenge Free Online Mini Course

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