Honouring The Mama’s: Happy Mother’s Day


Honouring The Mama’s: Happy Mother’s Day

Honouring The Mama’s: Happy Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day has got me in deep meditation. A different type of celebration of one of the most powerful and vulnerable roles on earth. Being a mother, having a great mother and observing motherhood has led me to write this poem on this day.

Happy Mother’s Day x


Honouring The Mama’s

We call upon the divine mother to hold us all on this day

To guide us and to love us and to show us all the way

As we embrace motherhood and we celebrate its glory

Far and wide we feel your grace through a myriad or stories


We honour:

Those whose mothers are here in life, letting them know we care

Those whose mums are no longer in flesh, rising them up in prayer

Those who’ve never known their mums. Those whom walk with grief

Those who carry mother wounds, we pray for your heart to have peace

Those whose children were conceived, but didn’t stay to be birthed

Those who mother yet did not conceive we recognise your worth

Those whom care for delicate children. Those who cherish diverse needs

Those who’ve laid children to rest before time, we pray that your pain can be eased


Mothers of Mothers of mothers of mums

We feel your strength we bow to your love

We give you veneration

Birthing and building nations

Generation after generation

We thank you

We’ve got you

We salute you





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