Happy Fathers Day: Fathers I Salute You


Happy Fathers Day: Fathers I Salute You

Happy Fathers Day: Fathers I Salute You. 

I was always one for occasions. As the years have gone by some new occasions have appeared and many have fallen away. I have always been down with Fathers Day however, with the passing of my own father I am left at a loss for how to honour fatherhood on this day. How do I honour the epitome of the masculine? Now I sit here; without the aid of cards and ‘the worlds greatest dad paraphernalia’ and I am starting to feel closer to my dad than I have ever been.

My father endured illness in the last few years of his life. During this time I had to learn to love him differently. And now he is in the ancestral realm* my love is evolving once again.

So now on Fathers Day. I still celebrate him in my heart. I celebrate all fathers. Father’s, I salute you.

I wrote this for dad on his recent anniversary. Here you go pops. xxx

If you were still here now

If you were here now

I’d pull your ears. Laugh at how large they looked till it brought me to tears

If you were here now

I’d ask you to approve what I had done. Seek your advise on raising a son

If you were here now.

If you were here now

I’d thank you for giving me life and taking responsibility. I’d thank you for putting me first and indulging my sensibilities

I’d thank you for you smile. And thank you for your laugh

I’d thank you for supporting my trajectory and honouring my path

If you were here now

But you are here

You see through my eyes, you are the presence in my stare,

You live in the kinks of your grandsons hair

You are the carving of brothers nose, The structure of sisters’ calves

You are your granddaughters’ cheek-

You are the driver of my car

You are here now. Etched in my veins

You are here now. Etched in my name

You are here now.

You are now. Transcending time space and image

You are now. Boundless- you have no limits

You are now.

Your soul lives on. Your star shines bright

You send me messages in the dead of the night

You read me stories and annotate my prayers

When I feel disconnected

You mek me know sey you deya

You are. You are and will always be.

©Oneness Sankara 2017

*As well as being Fathers Day; it is also the same period as the anniversary of my fathers ascendance in to the ancestral realm.

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