Glossary Bossary


Glossary Bossary

My Love!

I will often bang on about the power of the word. I am a lover of language. I am passionate about it. Being someone that has no ‘mother tongue’ – (as in I am mainly familiar with a language that was given to me through the legacy of colonialism, Maangamizi and so forth) the transcendent ability of language to grow and evolve is fascinating to me. What we now recognise as standard was once slang,

experimental: a mash up. I love that todays perceived colloquialism is tomorrows formal language. As the needs of the people change, so must the language- in order to serve the needs of the people. Amazing. It is for this reason that I am including a Glossary/Bossary. Note that this will evolve continuously…

Ashe: And so it is. Ashe is a power word. A word of manifestation. An activation word. This word is a whole blogpost in and of itself… Perhaps in the future

Beef: Strong hostility. Bad Blood

Boss: Master or mastery.

Facety: Rude/Cheeky. If your peers called you facety the it’s more the edgy cheeky meaning. If your mum calls you facety then it means that you are rude… Note. This is not an absolute truth but a guideline. One must read between the lines.

Facety Book: A play on Facebook and the fact the Facebook is ‘facety’ in many ways privacy, adverts etc

Maangamizi: African Holocaust. Slavery.

Overstand: Understand with a birds-eye view

Yout: Young person. Youngster. A youth.


And so…

I honour the constant flow of change in my life

I honour the opportunities to grow

I honour the life-force that helps me to evolve

I honour the power to know

In love and gratitude

Ashe Ashe Ashe

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