Does EVERYONE have a purpose?


Does EVERYONE have a purpose?


Does everyone have a purpose?

Everybody in the world has a mission

Whether you listen to your call is your decision

You might always feel like something great is missing

Looking back knowing you could have made a difference

“Divine Purpose”

Yes. Yes and yes again. I whole heartedly agree that everyone and everything has a purpose. I will even take it a step further and say a DIVINE PURPOSE. Let’s rewind. What is purpose? Ones reason for being. And why does one need a reason for being? Well I don’t think that we need a reason I simply believe that by default of existing everything has a reason for being. And even if we don’t know or understand that reason it doesn’t mean that there is none.

“frikkin mosquito”

As humans tend to be on the back foot when it comes to understanding the hows and whys on this planet. Many years ago we couldn’t explain gravity but it was still in existence. Maybe in years to come will have deeper understanding of many things that we currently struggle to explain. Heck! We may even understand why on earth God created the frikkin mosquito!!!

Anyways! Fortunately as humans our own purpose is something that we can discover in our lifetime as it exists within in us. Our job is to love and nurture ourself enough to let our purpose out and express itself freely. This sounds pretty straight forward yet in a world where many people don’t feel safe- this becomes a challenge. In a world where humans are treated like commodities we can simply be in the cycle of trying to survive with purpose feeling like a new age luxury.

“every problem has a solution”

However, it’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity. I base this opinion on my deeply abridged understanding of Pre big-bang theory. Back in ‘the day’ it was believed by many that the universe was an ordered place. Let’s use the Kemetic people of North-East Africa as an example. They were governed by the guiding principles of Ma’at. At the heart of the Ma’at concept is balance and complementarity. In that framework every problem has a solution.

“creative & free”

It is my truth that we humans are the solutions to all of the problems being faced on the planet right now. Even if we don’t know how. Our individual and collective greatness will be given the opportunity to shine through if we are given the space to be healthy, creative and free. And that if is where the journey to purpose begins…

Somebody somewhere somehow called for you

the perfect answer to a prayer & a dream came true

Unique design for something only you can do

Open your heart and your mind & bring your best self through


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