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I DONT NORMALLY POST THE CHILDREN ONLINE BUT … Now. I am not one for putting children on the internet. For my entire life I have had magically profound relationships with young people and yet this is something that is virtually absent from my online persona. I never felt comfortable putting children online. Then I gave […]

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THAT’S NOT VERY SPIRITUAL NOW IS IT ONENESS SANKARA! I (like you) am a spirit having a human experience. One that I honour respect and am hugely grateful for. I choose to live in awareness of the different levels of self. I meditate, coach, am coached, do Reiki and … Sometimes I get mad. Like […]

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WHY YOU SHOULD IGNORE THOSE WHO CANT REALLY SEE YOU! EVEN IF YOURE ONLY JUST BEGINNING TO TRULY SEE YOURSELF “They are unpredictable” “mavericks” “dreamers” “they don’t like to follow rules!” and Thats why I love them. I love you. Such beautiful qualities that you hold. I see you unpredictability being intrinsically linked to the […]

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  “The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life” Muhummad Ali I’ve seen some posts asking the question ‘how did we meet?’ or as Stormy would say “where do you know me from?”. I thought I would actually take it a step further. […]

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THE UNGLAMOROUS TRUTH ABOUT ABUNDANCE   FEAR False Excuses Appriopraiting Reality Such an extravegant misuse of my creativity Stories on stories confusing and conflicting me As I know deep inside that this isnt how its meant to be My life is meant to be joy and abun-dance Starting every morning with inhales and a sun-dance […]

03-31-2019  | 0 Comments  |  by Oneness  |  Published in Uncategorised

Honouring The Mama’s: Happy Mother’s Day This Mother’s Day has got me in deep meditation. A different type of celebration of one of the most powerful and vulnerable roles on earth. Being a mother, having a great mother and observing motherhood has led me to write this poem on this day. Happy Mother’s Day x   Honouring […]

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I paused and answered “Yes. Yes it is.(Ashe)” I give thanks and praise as I type, for I am going through some amazing life changes at the moment. Over the past week or so I have had some lovely ladies reach out to me. Mainly to send me love and blessings for the my next […]

06-18-2017  |  1 Comment  |  by Oneness  |  Published in Uncategorised

Happy Fathers Day: Fathers I Salute You.  I was always one for occasions. As the years have gone by some new occasions have appeared and many have fallen away. I have always been down with Fathers Day however, with the passing of my own father I am left at a loss for how to honour […]