Should theatre be used to heal & transform or should it just stay in its lane?


Should theatre be used to heal & transform or should it just stay in its lane?

Can theatre be used to heal and transform…

Love is thinking about those who aren’t even born yet

what they can have, what they will get

I knew this

Your grandmother knew this

And you great-grandmother knew this and

you now want to break it!”

© Oneness Sankara Chasing Rainbows 2019

Last week was the opening of my new play ‘Chasing Rainbows’. I was blown away by the hard work of the actors and creative team in bringing my words to life. The feedback that we received from the show and the conversations that were sparked acted as a muse for this blog post. I am humbled by the journey of this piece of theatre.

Travel back with me to 2015. I was doing a theatre project with Artistic Director Karena Johnson. In the periphery of the project we were struck by the number of people who shared their experiences around being separated from parents and/or children through immigration circumstances. From our elders to our youth – all feeling reverberations of choices made by loved ones to travel to pastures new in hope of a better life. This theme however, was not at the centre of that project although we felt that it was an area that needed – at the very least – exploration.

“the story of Ama Baptiste was born”

In 2017 Hoxton Hall commissioned me to write a monologue on the theme of parent and child separation through immigration and so the story of Ama Baptiste was born. Ama is a remarkable character who has reached the pinnacle of her career trajectory. She is a mother, a role model and an astronaut. We witness her reflecting on her life and embracing her choices; whilst being haunted by ideas and values which have insidious roots that existed way before she ‘landed on the earth’.

At the time of the original commission I was pregnant with my wonderful son so motherhood was definitely on my mind. I was also doing a lot of work surrounding healing trans-generational trauma in order to live your purpose. This work was both for my own healing and in my capacity as a Purpose Mentor. Working so intensely with the patterning of trans-generational trauma I am aware that I band the term around like a familiar cardigan! Thus, I’ll briefly share my condensed understanding around this work.

I believe that the experiences of generations past (our parents, fore-parents and ancestors) set the stage for how we initially respond to the adventure of life. Some of what we act out is learnt through observation and some behaviours are inherited through genetic coding in our DNA. When behavioural inheritance comes from a healthy place it can yield remarkable results in our lives. Conversely, when our patterns and programmes are rooted in unhealed trauma – the results can be painful and perpetuate more trauma in our day to day living.

“inherit a more just, balanced and peaceful world”

With recognition, forgiveness, acceptance and intention; dysfunctional and trauma based patterning can be undone. They can be replaced with healthy programmes and coding. This creates space for the healing that is necessary for us to have healthier and happier lives. I am passionate about this work as I feel that it is imperative for us to allow future generations to inherit a more just, balanced and peaceful world.

My desire to foster healing and my journey into motherhood served as a solid backdrop in creating Chasing Rainbows. Yes. Chasing Rainbows is a fictitious piece but the themes are real. Real themes from real life. It is is my intention that all work that I am engaged in contributes to there being more empathy, humility and compassion in this world. If this piece of theatre does any of this, then indeed I am living on purpose! So I invite you to go and see this play and let me know your thoughts. Is theatre really that powerful? Should theatre be part of the healing journey? I look forward to exploring with you!


Chasing Rainbows plays at Hoxton Hall London from Tues 25th June -Sat 20th July 2pm & 7pm

To book your tickets please visit

or call 020 7684 0060

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