You are a friend, a confident, a sister, a mother
A princess, a girlfriend, a wife, a lover
A loner, a teacher, a Goddess, a leader


You deserve to be seen and shine your inner queen
Yet there are things that you have witnessed, places that you’ve have been

Valleys with wounds, hills with pain
Repeating cycles again and again and again

Though this time doesn’t quite feel the same
Something is bubbling inside – calling for change
Ready to heal and up your game

And this has brought you my way
Welcome to a new day

My name Oneness Sankara. I support and mentor women just like you in your journey to live your spectacular purpose. I say spectacular as I know that you have something inside of you that will light up the world and I can assist your healing voyage to realising your true potential. Sounds good right? But what does it all mean?

It means that:

  • You know that there is more to you than you’re currently expressing and you are done with hiding the real you.
  • You know that it’s time to open your heart and let go of all that stands between you and your reason for being.
  • You know that you are ready to live a life of purpose and fulfilment and you need a helping hand.

And that is where I can help.

With my strong background in energy healing, intuitive coaching and creative cultural expression we can work together to bring clarity to your purpose, release unhelpful patterning, and root you fully into living your highest potential. I will work with you through bespoke coaching, Reiki treatments and online courses to help you step into the version of your live that you were meant to live.

Some Oneness facts:

  • I adore supporting women get their lives ‘in check’.
  • I want a world where every little boy and girl can know their own unique beauty and worthiness.
  • I am in-love with my children and being a mum.
  • 20 years ago Reiki blessed my life and I’ve never looked back.
  • I started delivering workshops back in 1999 and it still fills my heart with excitement every time!
  • I wrote my first poem in 1988 with no idea that I was to become an award winning poet as an adult.
  • I’ve appeared on BBC, Channel 4 & Sky Arts (and I don’t even own a TV!)

I believe that:

  • Through healing and self love we can truly live the balanced lives that we deserve.
  • Knowledge of self is the key to success.
  • This life is filled with infinite possibilities.
  • We must create safe spaces for us all to heal.
  • We have an obligation to leave the world better than we found it.
  • We all have a purpose and the right to live it!