Hey you! Fabulous you! Yeah you, I’m talking to you
Living a life where you know there’s so much more you can do

Where that voice inside reminds you that you have ‘way more to give’
And you convince yourself that voice isn’t real “Who am I to dream so BIG?”

You are a friend, a confident, a sister, a mother
A princess, a girlfriend, a wife, a lover
A loner, a teacher, a Goddess, a leader


You deserve to be seen and shine your inner queen
Yet there are things that you have witnessed
Places that you’ve have been
Valleys with wounds
Hills with pain
Repeating cycles again and again and again
Though this time doesn’t quite feel the same
Something is bubbling inside – calling for change
Ready to heal and up your game
And this has brought you my way
Welcome to a new day

I am Oneness Sankara. I support and mentor #bossqueens just like you in your journey to live your spectacular purpose. I say spectacular as I know that you have something inside of you that will light up the world and I can assist your healing voyage to realising your true potential.

Some Oneness facts:

  • I adore being a Purpose Coach & Purpose Writer
  • I’ve been practicing Reiki for 20 Years
  • I’ve been running workshops for even longer
  • I’m an award winning poet
  • I have a play on in London this summer
  • I’m a mum
  • I haven’t been on tour in a while
  • I think that my nose is fabulous
  • I spend a lot of time in the sea
  • I’ve appeared on BBC, Channel 4 & Sky Arts
  • I want to give a better world to future generations

I believe:

  • This life is filled with infinite possibilities
  • In creating safe spaces for transformation
  • We have an obligation to leave the world better than we found it
  • We all have a purpose