24 Hours not ENOUGH?


24 Hours not ENOUGH?


Whenever you’re reading this, thank you for coming here and showing love. It’s been a little while since my last blog. To be real my family and loved ones have been going through a very deep time and remembering my dear nephew whose life was tragically taken last year. One year on and it still hurts a lot. Rest in perfect peace Prince Ethan. With love and healing going out to our family, wider community, and his brave wonderful mother. May our hearts heal.

“fictitiuos idea of perfection”

I’m going to speak more on what we are learning from this situation but that is for another post. I simply wanted to be honest about the journey. I feel that this level of honesty is of great importance. We can often be afraid to show our true selves and feel a heavy pressure to conform to a fictitious idea of perfection. I say fictitious as no one is perfect in this sense. This is not a diss to anyone as it is our so-called imperfections that make us perfect. I know that feels like it makes no sense- but being ourselves and celebrating our difference is the only way forward (imho).

The journey is real. I have a friend who I am currently reaching out to. She does what many of us do when we feel alone, afraid, in pain etc… we retreat. Now I make no judgement as I have done this many times in the past and there is a lot to be said for taking time out to be with ourselves… At the same time no woman/man is an island. We need connection. It is necessary for our life force yet we can find it difficult to reach out when we need to the most. I will continue to reach out and I trust that she will connect in when the timing is right.

“5mile long to do list”

I am learning so much about trust through honoring divine timing. I wondered why this is coming up so much on my personal curriculum and I have learnt that these lessons aren’t just for me. We are in a culture where we have cultivated a somewhat odd relationship with time; very rarely allowing ourselves to be in the now. The now. This moment. Not in a rush to finish the next sentence and go back to our 5mile long to do list. Just to be in the now. Either we are being distracted by that list that just keeps getting longer and longer like a rastamans hair… or we are being distracted by facety book, housewives of love island or instaglam. Either we we fall out of connection with the gift that time truly is.

The poem below in honour of time. Before you read it please take a moment, a deep inhale and exhale & give thanks for the now… enjoy…

In Honour of TIME

Clock goes tick,

Then goes tock,

Where do we start?

Where does it stop? Space in between means a lot.

Let’s take a breath while the beat drops.


What are you choosing when you press snoozing?

Are you winning? Is it amusing?

Are you up front or in the back seat cruising?

Are you living life or are you simply perusing?


The waste of the gift is no less than criminal.

Rejecting one’s path is a message subliminal.

Minimal attention given to what your service is.

Habitual conditioning, negate from what your purpose is.


Seconds to minutes, hours to days.

Reclaim your power.

Don’t let it get stripped away.

Dreams can be real or they can get led astray.

Honour the gift of time, your destiny awaits.


I often hear (& sometimes feel) ‘there’s not enough hours in the day’ ‘I need more time’ ’24 hours just isn’t enough’ et cetera et cetera!

A mentor taught me that time issues are actually never actually about time. There’s usually something underneath a so-called time problem and that is where the healing work begins.

Finding what’s going on underneath is something which has greatly helped me and those that I work with. I will share some of my tools and insights over in Women on Purpose FB GROUP.

If you wanna join the party over on Women on Purpose please click the link at the end of post. Otherwise thank you for reading this and do leave your comments below

One Love x


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